Hello! Welcome to my website.

I strive to be an active Finnish citizen of the Nordics and the world, following global issues and being involved in them.

I studied International Relations at the University of Helsinki and did academic collaborations on climate change with the Oxford Hub. I was the Finnish youth delegate to UNFCCC and UNESCO. I currently work for the Finnish government at UN in New York.

Another long-term focus is Japanese culture, comprising the study of the language of the country and learning about its history and culture. I’ve stayed in Japan during a learning journey in Tohoku and an exchange year at Kyoto University. I currently study for a proficiency test.

I regularly go on outdoor adventures, in the wilderness or at sea. I was an active scout and now, having competed the Gilwell training, help the young scout leaders with their programme activities.

Please contact me via the University of Helsinki email address (name.surname@helsinki.fi).


picture by unknown at the sand dunes in Tottori, Japan