Welcome to my website!

I’m involved in activities concerning three issue areas:

  1. A new application process for a future profession.
  2. International relations.
  3. Japanese culture.

If I can help you in any of the issue areas, please contact me here.


1. New application process for a future profession.

I currently work on acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to pass an entrance examination for a professional degree.

2. International Relations

I currently focus on Nordic internationalism as a part of an international relations degree (University of Helsinki)


  • 2015 Served as UNESCO Youth Delegate of Finland
  • 2013 Organised the Helsinki Climate Forum inspired by the Oxford Climate Forum
  • 2013 Was member in a youth group designing a vision for Europe, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade
  • 2013 Worked as an assistant at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
  • 2012 Participated in a Presidential Roundtable Discussion for Youth
  • 2012- Translated for le Monde diplomatique Finnish edition
  • 2011 Served as Youth Climate Delegate of Finland
  • 2011 Worked as a trainee & adviser at the European Parliament
  • 2011 Co-wrote a book about climate change
  • 2010 Won first prize, writing & presentation competition at Leiden University

3. Japanese culture

I currently study Japanese language (University of Helsinki)


  • 2016 Organised an event on Japanese and Chinese tea culture at Helsinki Think Company
  • 2015 Was member in a team winning the second prize, inter-university 470 class ”新人戦” sailing competition, Lake Biwako
  • 2014-2015 Participated in Kyoto University International Education Programme
  • 2014 Volunteered in ”Spirit of Samurai” event organised by the Japanese embassy in Helsinki
  • 2012 Organised an event on Japan in world politics at the University of Helsinki
  • 2012 Participated in a Learning Journey in Tohoku by Japan for Sustainability