Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Tom. So far I have figured this much out.

To a large extent, life is about finding the right balance between doing the things that you enjoy doing and finding ways to help other people with the skills you have acquired by doing the things that you enjoy doing.

By enjoyment I don’t mean simple pleasure, but rather doing things that one can imagine doing for a long time, things that have the potential to become gradually more complex/interesting, things that involve a practice.

The ”practices” I’m currently involved in are

  • completing my political science studies
  • studying European & Japanese languages and cultures
  • working on my Wood Badge and doing outdoorsy things
  • setting up an application portfolio
  • brewing cider from home-grown apples

I’m hoping that by doing these practices, I will eventually be able to

  • provide some understanding about how desirable outcomes may be achieved in politics
  • serve as a tiny link in the sea of millions of links that connect the cultures of Europe and Japan
  • organise better outdoor adventures for youth and better help youth organise adventures for themselves
  • learn a practical profession and provide some expertise in that field
  • organise an apple cider party

Of course, some fun things that do involve a practice don’t necessarily have to be useful for others, and conversely, one can conceivably help others in many ways without being involved in a certain practice. For example, I like playing and designing games, but I’m not planning to do that for any other reason than simple fun. Some things, like any aspirations of writing, are probably better left unsaid.

Here’s a CV-y list of the stuff that I’ve managed to do previously in the 2010’s.

  • 2016 Participating in a Wood Badge scout camp in Aland & launching the ticket in Scotland
  • 2015 UNESCO Youth Delegate of Finland
  • 2015 Second Prize (team), inter-university 470 class ”新人戦” sailing competition, Lake Biwako
  • 2014-2015 Kyoto University International Education Programme
  • 2013 Organising the Helsinki Climate Forum inspired by the Oxford Climate Forum
  • 2013 Being a member in youth group designing a vision for Europe, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade
  • 2013 Working as an assistant at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
  • 2012 Participating in a Learning Journey in Tohoku by Japan for Sustainability
  • 2012 Speaking at a Presidential Roundtable Discussion for Youth
  • 2012- Translating for le Monde diplomatique Finnish edition
  • 2011 Youth Climate Delegate of Finland
  • 2011 Working as a trainee & adviser at the European Parliament
  • 2011 Co-writing a book about climate change
  • 2010 First Prize, writing & presentation competition at Leiden University

Before 2010’s, I enjoyed (and I think I still pretty much do)

  • School
  • Outdoorsy things like scouting, sailing, hiking
  • Basketball, longboarding, cycling
  • Games and books

That’s about it!